Vojta Holoubek

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What I make


Corporate or personal
Redesigned or brand new
Always responsive
Always modern

Web applications

Focused on front end
Using modern frameworks
VueJS, ES6+ Javascript, Typescript
SCSS, Bootstrap, WordPress, PHP

Updates & maintenance

Fixes, tweaks, redesign
Code refactoring
Web review, consultation


What I know by heart

HTML5, CSS3, Sass, PHP, MySQL, WordPress, Git, SEO, AdWords

VueJS, ES6+ Javascript, Typescript, Bootstrap, Material Design, jQuery, AJAX

Toronto, London, Prague, Taipei, Worldwide


What I’ve finished recently

IBD mobile app

[front-end of iOS/Android app – Czech/Slovak diary for Crohn’s disease patients]

CNN Prima News

[Czech CNN-licenced TV channel]
  • developed the whole front-end of mobile application

  • used Vue.js & Framework 7 & Typescript

  • connected with back-end via REST API

  • part-time member of CMS (editor’s system) development team

  • responsible for front-end code refactoring & new features

  • using Typescript, Material Design and REST API calls

Client's internal SPA

[confidential, international project]


[next-gen contract automation, London based international project, avvoka.com]
  • developed the whole front-end application

  • used Vue.js framework & Typescript

  • connected with back-end via REST API

  • used Quill, Vue.js (React) & Typescript, MongoDB & ShareDB

  • programmed important part of the system – rich text editor

  • worked on other front-end features & improvements


Recently completed websites

Pizzeria Vyžlovka

A WordPress websites for couple of Italian restaurants – pizzerias in the Czech Republic.

Uses a clean & modern responsive design based on Salient theme.

Customized to satisfy client’s needs – created ability to edit restaurant menu, special offers or others parts of the website directly by a client.

Triatlon Vyžlovka

A local sprint-triathlon competition website

Dynamic functionality (event registration, results tables)

Volunteer project

Jr. NBA League

A website for an elementary school sport project in Czech Republic

Each school represents one real NBA club, there are divisions, fixtures and play-off like in NBA

Given graphics and dynamic functionality (automated tables, team pages etc.)


Proudly worked for


(among others)


Who Am I

A guy excited not only about internet & technologies but also keen on experiencing different cultures & history mostly by traveling.
Also sport, nature and weather lover.

Graduation at university with IT as a major and History of Economics as a second major simply demonstrates my personality. I believe that mix of interests and better understanding of world’s differences can make you only a better person.

Years of experience
Websites completed
Clients worldwide


For an inquiry

Vojta Holoubek


+420 604 198 715


Languages for contact

English, Czech, Slovak